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I especially like the care that they take to make sure client's issues are addressed rather than just follow a set format. They are never in a rush and always make client feel special. And they have great daily specials for their clients. -bos (06.23.11)

"This is not your run of the mill "chi chi" massage. This is both relaxing AND therapeutic. The staff here is caring, professional and well trained. Even my chiropractor comes here! Don't let the "strip mall" location fool you, I start to relax when I walk through the door." - P.E.

"I had so many problems with my back that I figured there was no hope to ever feel good again. I was in constant pain whether I was sitting, standing or lying down. With Jessica's extensive knowledge and experience, she was able to "fix" me. I never knew that Jessica's therapeutic massage skills would bring such relief."

"It is a privilege to say positive things about Jessica Chew." First of all, her quality of work is the top of the line. I experienced back problems and went to different professionals for help. Ms. Chew is the only person that has been able to give my back some relief. She also takes her job very seriously and is truly dedicated to the well being of her clients. I have personally been to several massage therapists, and Jessica is the best. If you have not been to her, you are missing out."
--H.W., Huntsville

"Jessica and her staff are all excellent both in massage therapy as well as listening to a customer's concerns and range of motion issues. They carry a small but elite inventorty of children and adult hair wash and conditioning as well as beautiful gift assortments. The Therapeutic Health Massage also schedules suficient time between appointments so there is never a "wait time". I have reflex sympathetic dystrophy as well as fibromyalgia so I am in extreme pain 24/7. My weekly deep tissue massage helps to keep me walking (limping) and assists with my pain. I am so pleased I found such an excellent staff. Jessica has worked hard to staff the office with excellent personnel." - S.B.

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